back from the emerald city

TBF and I rolled into town over three hours late, so there’s just time to catch up on the news, the gossip, and upload a couple of pictures before getting to sleep early, so I can get to work early, so I can try to get to the f’in game in time to see the starting lineups announced. I am VERY excited to see the returns of Mr. Piazza and Mr. Cameron, but I also hope we kick their asses.

We managed to keep up with Friday’s game via gamecast, Saturday’s game via the out of town scoreboard at Safeco, and Sunday we watched the game later that night – well, we fastforwarded through it – after being out all day and all evening. We saw two Mariners games, Saturday from the bleachers, Sunday from the first base line. We passed on seeing Zito start Friday night to have dinner with friends.

In terms of our recent joyous news, all I want to say is that TBF and I argued all day yesterday about which Reyes jersey the other is buying (I want road gray, he is a purist who really only likes the pinstripes).

I’ll post more about the Safeco trip later this week while the Mets are out of town. But, for now:

Our friends are charter seat holders at Safeco. Let me tell you, this vantage did not suck.

Gratuitous Ichiro action shot.


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