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Aug 31st, 2006

get out of denver*

Mets Grrl is doing the deadline shuffle at work, which means I am at work late enough to be listening to the game up until the 7th inning (while I am sending text message updates to TBF, who was up at the House of Evil with his father, watching the Tigers beat the Yankees — Dad is from Detroit and this is their annual event), and then come home to watch Jose Valentin break some kind of record and David Wright BREAK OUT OF THE SLUMP on the post-game highlights. Homeruns into waterfalls, Mets fans taking over Mile High Stadium, it’s been a good two nights.… [more]

Aug 26th, 2006

me gusta winning

You know, this was a LOVELY outing at the start. I worked all day and we caught up with the game via DVR around 8pm. We were impressed with Mr. Perez, TBF is waxing poetic about how this could open up some interesting possibilities in the post-season. That was until Ryan Howard hit that grand slam, and I stalked off back into my office, muttering – wait, no, YELLING, various unprintable expletives. Understand that Mets Grrl is a fan of expletives, provided one has already demonstrated an excellent command of the english language. Sometimes these are exactly the words I wish to be using, and tonight was one of those times.… [more]

Aug 26th, 2006

come pick me up

Shea has this magic power which seems to magically eliminate all thoughts of work out of my head as long as I’m sitting inside its walls. I never, ever find myself thinking about work during a game. I am on crazy insane deadlines that are requiring me to work the weekend and miss Sunday’s game. For that reason, I was looking for My Mets to raise my spirits with a satisfying win tonight. I was looking for my Mets to kick the Phillies’ ass tonight. Not just because I need trash talking rights with my friends from the City of Brotherly Love, but because THE METS NEEDED TO KICK THE PHILLIES’ ASS.… [more]

Aug 23rd, 2006

the cardinals wanna wear my red shoes

The Cardinals wear red shoes as part of their uniform. I found it striking, and stylish in the extreme. Speaking as the woman who wishes fervently that she could design her own Converse All-Stars in Mets colors, it was something I idly pondered during the early innings of tonight’s game. I wasn’t going to tonight’s game. As of late last week, I had told TBF to look for someone to give my ticket to. I offered it to the sisters who sit next to us, but their parents were going tonight. I thought about offering it to the father with the gazillion adorable red headed sons of all ages who sit behind us (he has two seats and has to buy extras to accomodate the other offspring).… [more]

wright ads

Aug 21st, 2006

Wright Ads

FINALLY I was beginning to feel like the only person in New York City who hadn’t seen one of these. Amusing was me sprinting after this bus down Broadway, trying to get this shot. … [more]

trophy closeup. a little rain battered maybe?

Aug 20th, 2006

of mr. met, 1986 and the upper deck

We got to Shea at the ungodly hour of 9:30am and made our way to the Diamond Club entrance. Today was the day: Breakfast with Mr. Met! I saw this activity announced at Workout Day, and was fairly tiresome about it for a while. Even though TBF insists that he wasn’t putting it off, it wasn’t until I posted on here about it (or rather, until he read about it on here, because he didn’t know about this blog for a long time) that the phone call was made and the reservation set. As he would insist to friends, “*She’s* having breakfast with Mr.… [more]

Aug 20th, 2006

1986: blast from the past

Truth: I have this detached fascination with the 1986 Mets – but no more than that. As part of my learning last summer I read Amazin’, and I tried to slog through The Bad Guys Won (good stories, terrible writing). I wasn’t a baseball fan then – quite the opposite – and I have some vague memories of people standing outside bars during the playoffs, but that’s about it. I absolutely salute the history, and what it means to the team, and what it means to other fans, but – well, I care about the 2006 Mets. I’m sure you’ll all lambast me now for – well, whatever – but I don’t care.… [more]

Aug 19th, 2006


It was a truly bucolic evening out at Shea tonight. I got out of work in time to meet TBF and travel to Shea in a leisurely fashion, the weather was perfect, and the Mets played a solid game that resulted in a victory. Steve Trachsel was decidedly peppy (well, for Steve Trachsel, anyway). D.Wright’s slump seems to be winding down and Our Endy delivered yet again. We were fading into that 8th inning, “we’re probably going to win at this point so we’re going to relax” glow, when Diamondvision trumpted and the PA announced: “It’s the XM Sing-A-Long! Stand up and sing along with…” Just when I’m thinking that this could be cool, the bomb is dropped: “‘Sweet Caroline’ by Neil Diamond.” WHAT THE FUCK?… [more]

Aug 18th, 2006

scenes from a punk rock bar

The conversation started a few weeks ago, when I confessed to one of my best friends, V., that I had been writing this blog. This has been a hard thing for most people I know to understand. Unless they are already baseball people, they are bemused, confused, cynical,patronizing, condescending and a million other similar adjectives. It doesn’t compute. They don’t know how to respond to it. They leave voicemail messages like, “Well, it’s Sunday afternoon, so you’re probably at a baseball game…” And all I ever want to respond is, Yeah, asshole, I probably am. Where are you? Drinking in the latest hipster bar in LA or Brooklyn or wherever?… [more]

Aug 17th, 2006


As we roll into 1986 weekend, I notice that Mookie Wilson is signing DVD’s down the street from me today (Thursday) (Borders at 100 Broadway in Manhattan at 1pm) and also out on Lon Guyland (Best Buy in Westbury at 6:30pm). :::end gratuitous plug::: However there is only so far having a Mets fan manager can get you. More to write about Metsgrrl and 1986, but it is late, we lost AGAIN, and I ended up drinking with friends in the East Village in an establishment that only had the Yankees game on. Probably for the best. *sigh* … [more]