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“buy me some peanuts and crack…”

The first time Eddie Vedder sang “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” at Wrigley Field (July 4, 1998, for you completists), someone I knew insisted that Ed didn’t sing “peanuts and crackerjack,” that he sang “[something deleted because this is a family site] and crack”. After listening to the recording of that performance repeatedly, I had to come to the same conclusion, so I sing “peanuts and crack” during every 7th inning stretch I’m at — both in homage and because it drives TBF, that baseball purist, nuts. (For the record, I did hear Vedder’s performance from earlier this year and I swear he does the same thing again.)

So I think of this every time I hear about the Cubs, and of course it came up over the past few days with our current residency in the Windy City. Friday I was at work, and despite having a manager who is a fanatic and who IM’s me the score during day games, all I got to find out was that there was a rain delay, Floyd got HBP again, and then we won after the rain delay. When my manager IM’d me at the end of the game, telling me that we’d won, I replied, “Big surprise. You, me and 7 other people from this office could beat the Cubs.”

So that was kind of my attitude about the series: It’s the CUBS. Even *I* know that they SUCK. I didn’t really need to worry about paying that much attention to this series and I could catch up on all the usual weekend stuff I hadn’t been able to because baseball had been taking up much of our time. So, TBF and I went off to, well, buy a COUCH yesterday. Don’t get the idea that we are any kind of settled boring suburban couple whose idea of a good time on a weekend is shopping for furniture. We are the kind of couple who, when we walk into a furniture store, our appearance is enough that the manager promptly sends the store detective to watch us the entire time. But, you know, we needed a f’in couch and it was not something we could buy online.

Unfortunately, some random moron stole my car’s radio antenna AGAIN (it’s nothing fancy – it costs about $10) and we didn’t realize this until we were on the Hutchinson River Parkway somewhere. So we had to listen to bad radio signal while driving around Fairfield County. We could make out, just enough, that Jose Valentin is continuing to perform his best impression of Jose Reyes; we heard the first hit (just in time, because TBF was just starting to get worked up into his “We’re not going to get shut out by fucking Carlos fucking ZAMBRANO” rant).

“I think now Mr. Floyd should hit a ball out onto Sheffield Avenue,” TBF announced, showing off his knowledge of Chicago. I acted impressed because I didn’t have the heart to point out that my aunt (who we were about to have dinner with), a Chicago native, could ALSO tell us what streets bordered Wrigley Field.

Post-dinner, I managed to get slammed with a migraine, so TBF had to drive and he hates my car so the radio got turned off 10 minutes away from the next Flash. Thus, it was many, many hours later before I was able to log into my email and see:
mets.com Postgame Alert – New York Mets Postgame Alert July 15, 2006 NY Mets 2, Chi. Cubs 9 at Wrigley Field

I read this to TBF.
“Don’t read it.”
“I just want to see how we lost to the Cubs.”
“No, you don’t.”

He was right.


My headache was over in time to watch the 12:30 showing of Mets Weekly on SNY, where we had a spirited discussion amongst ourselves about the “Who is the first half of the season MVP?” award, with the choices being Glavine, Wright or Reyes. TBF said “Tom Glavine” before he even knew what the choices were. I was embarassed beyond belief at the dumb hussies who answered “David Wright” when you KNOW that is the only player whose name they are familiar with (I get like this about people who go see R.E.M. and only know Michael Stipe or Radiohead and only know — okay, hussies don’t know the names of anyone in Radiohead. Bad example.)

Anyway, my choice was Reyes (even though he is no short shakes in the good-looking department himself) because, while you can’t deny Glavine, he doesn’t play every game, and even though Wright does, whenever Jose Reyes is up there something happens and he changes the energy. He scrambles and fights and has a scrappy, take-no-prisoners approach that this team needs just as much as they need Delgado’s statesmanship or Franco’s seasoned advice or Pedro’s sense of humor. You can lecture me about his numbers as much as you want; shit just happens when that man comes to the plate. It may not be what HE does, it’s what he does around whatever else happens and whatever people do because they are inspired by him.

Which is why it is killing me now that he is still out. Willie can be Mr. Calm as much as he wants, I am fucking nervous.


In Mets Grrl’s idea of being crafty (since I don’t knit, sew, crochet or do any of that crap). I made this for TBF:



I have 2 extra Pedro mousepads from the giveaway night (everyone around us was saying, “You work with computers don’t you? Do you want this?”). I will hand them out randomly to people who can tell me where the following quote is from:

“Stop calling.
Strange man.
Go Mets.”

You must include who the speakers are, what this is from, and the CONTEXT.

To enter, please send your entries to metsgrrl at gmail dot com. Please provide a name and a mailing address or your entry will be disqualified. Winners only notified. Neatness counts. Don’t forget your manners.
This contest is not authorized by Sterling Mets, Major League Baseball, or TBF. Do not taunt happy fun ball.

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