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Jul 31st, 2006

3:27pm, day of the trade deadline

*ring ring* “We just traded Xavier Nady for relief help.” I look at the clock. 3:26pm. “Wow, Omar has half an hour.” “They said they knew about it last night, but kept it quiet so they didn’t get ripped off in the trade.” “Shouldn’t you be impressed that I know that the trade deadline is 4pm?” *pause* “Wait a minute – how DID you know that?” My head is spinning right now. Is it always this bad? —–… [more]

Jul 31st, 2006


Sanchez separated shoulder in car accident TBF is inconsolable. The title of this post was the subject line of the email that sent me this piece of information. So this brings me to something I have been thinking about: acts of God (accidents), acts of stupidity (like sports players who engage in extreme sports during the season), and acts of bravery (think: the Beltran-Cameron Collision of ’05). Everything can be rolling along fine and then disaster strikes. This is something you cannot plan for. As a former manager of mine used to say, “Unfortunately, this work is being done by humans.” It’s the inexplicable force, brought by the human factor, that makes the sport and the performance of it such a joy, but it’s also the same thing that can make it an almost-tragedy (and realize that I am exaggerating in the case of Duaner for effect here, but also, it’s not like he was a trivial force in the bullpen).… [more]

Jul 28th, 2006

boogie shoes

Mets Grrl is one of the annoying people who will unashamedly judge you based on what’s in your record collection (and what’s not). I will be checking our your iPod playlist or your cd collection before asking any other questions. (Before you say anything, how many of you don’t talk to certain people because of the sports teams they like [and don’t]? So don’t start.)t So when I first started going to Mets games, I found the whole concept of walk-on music to be FASCINATING. If you have read some of my posts about games, you may have noticed how I pay more attention to this than, well, most sane people.… [more]

Jul 28th, 2006


This will take me from Canal St. (work) to Willets Point: Meet the Mets (organ version) City Of Blinding Lights – U2 Bring Em Out – T.I. Eminence Front – The Who Start Me Up – The Rolling Stones Subway Train – The New York Dolls Brass Monkey – The Beastie Boys Staying Alive – Bee Gees X – Xzibit London Calling – The Clash Enter Sandman – Metallica Taking Care of Business – BTO Meet the Mets – Yo La Tengo (live on WFMU) … [more]

Jul 26th, 2006

“no. the OTHER carlos.”

I swear that the guys at Joe’s Busy Corner — whose food is usually incredibly delicious — deliberately make us crappy sandwiches if we walk in wearing Mets gear. I was sitting there tonight, eating a seriously less than enjoyable sandwich (the North 8th and Driggs: mozzarella, prosciutto, sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil), and not wanting to mention it, since TBF did especially go out of his way to get us these sandwiches. Finally, a grimace from me caught his attention. “Does your sandwich suck?” “It was so sweet and considerate of you to go to Joe’s for the sandwiches,” I say.… [more]

Jul 22nd, 2006

subete = come on board: 7-21-06

Somehow, we forgot that tonight was also Merengue Night. In fact, it didn’t occur to us, despite the female security roughing up (that was so not a ‘pat down’), the free t-shirts reading “Los Mets de Nueva York” (omg, this is my new favorite Mets shirt), and the fact that during our usual meander up to the mezzanine we were accosted every time we turned a corner: “Can I help you?” “Where are you going?” Um, to our seats, the ones we sit in every Tuesday and Friday, I mutter under my breath. Upon arrival, Diamondvision clued us in: “Ohhhhhhh.” Oh.… [more]

Jul 18th, 2006

i hate alex rodriguez

I realize that this is not exactly an unique viewpoint amongst Mets fans, but you have to understand that, at this juncture in my fandom, most of my hatred is learned or inherited: Roger Clemens. Chipper Jones. I wasn’t there when these individuals performed their infractions upon our team, so I need to learn to hate them. (I learn fast.) But A-rod is another story, and much probably becomes obvious when I point out that I lived in Seattle for 9 years. It isn’t even what he did while he was a Mariner, because, apparently, being a Mariner turns one into an affable, friendly fellow.… [more]

Jul 18th, 2006

snakes on a dugout

Quote of the week honors goes to Getting Paid To Watch, for his response to the (now-debunked) David Wright crisis o’ faith: “Whether or not this fits into Wright’s belief system, can you imagine the hell he’s going to get from Cliff Floyd? Somebody’s going to bring in snakes.” Word. —–… [more]

Jul 16th, 2006

mets vs. cubs, game 3

.flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; }.flickr-yourcomment { }.flickr-frame { text-align: left; padding: 3px; }.flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; } rally cat, originally uploaded by metsgrrl. Just when you think you might as well fall asleep on the couch, we’re toasted. Just when El Duque – EL DUQUE lets the Chicago heat and humidity toast him. Just when you think… Yeah. You learn. Or at least I do. —–… [more]


Jul 16th, 2006

“buy me some peanuts and crack…”

The first time Eddie Vedder sang “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” at Wrigley Field (July 4, 1998, for you completists), someone I knew insisted that Ed didn’t sing “peanuts and crackerjack,” that he sang “[something deleted because this is a family site] and crack”. After listening to the recording of that performance repeatedly, I had to come to the same conclusion, so I sing “peanuts and crack” during every 7th inning stretch I’m at — both in homage and because it drives TBF, that baseball purist, nuts. (For the record, I did hear Vedder’s performance from earlier this year and I swear he does the same thing again.) So I think of this every time I hear about the Cubs, and of course it came up over the past few days with our current residency in the Windy City.… [more]