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Jun 29th, 2006

down by the banks of the river charles

The boyfriend. He gets a little – moody – when the Mets suck. Did I say moody? He gets despondent. He throws pillows across the house. He frightens the cat. He grumps on the couch. He curses Willie Randolph, Rick Petersen, any and all members of the starting lineup and the bullpen, members of the opposing team, Mr. Met, and the opposing team’s mascot. Even his non-sexual boyfriend, Duaner Sanchez, is not spared. “Send your complaints to Mr. W. Randolph, care of The New York Metropolitans Baseball Team, 123-01 Roosevelt Avenue, Flushing, NY 11368!” he mumbled, as he stalked from the couch to the computer, so he could seek the company of other curmudgeons over on the internet.… [more]


Jun 23rd, 2006

This one’s for Pedro. :)

I know, I have been remiss. We were there on Tuesday and watched on Wednesday and I listened on Thursday (TBF was actually there, the bum). We aren’t going to Fenway but we are going to The Stadium – my first time. Now, that’ll be a post. —–… [more]

Jun 17th, 2006

the boys are back in town

First Friday after the roadtrip. The clock ticked ever so slowly towards the end of the day and at 5 I changed into game gear, waved at my manager (who is also a Mets fan… our server nominclature is, I have just discovered, current and former Mets. Although I have to question the decision to have named a former server Ishii). Everyone is in good spirits. The parking lot is full. The ticket lines are long. The rest of the Tuesday-Friday group in my section are bright-eyed and we talk through the Greek Heritage dancing pre-game about Arizona and LA and Philly.… [more]


Jun 14th, 2006

welcome to citizens bank park

That was so *not* my favorite moment from last night’s game. The rest of it was just swell, especially for my first out-of-town game! Seriously, I was excited. I just should have gone by myself and done the whole thing from start to finish, but I know people in Philly and was trying to be social. I arrived at Citizens Bank Park by around 5 p.m. I did not have a ticket and I was supposed to be meeting friends for drinks. They were late and by the time I found them (and found the entrance that opened early), I missed batting practice in favor of having a few beers with said Phillies friends.… [more]


Jun 12th, 2006

mets vs. diamondbacks: the series

I sent TBF a text message at some point during the game informing him that the score was 13-0. He is heads-down studying for tomorrow and as a result, not watching the game. Immediate phone call. “That’s a typo, right?” Me: “No. And the guy with the broom from last year is back.” Last year we enjoyed the gentleman in the front row, wearing Mets regalia, who sat there waving a broom during the last game. In fact, we liked him so much that we toyed with the idea of calling the ballpark in Arizona: “Hello? Can you find the guy in the orange Mets shirt, in the front row, waving the broom?… [more]

Jun 8th, 2006

6-7-06, Mets vs. Dodgers

As I write, the score is 9-6. Up, down. Up, down. Up. (However, Matsui is in the lineup at the moment so this could change at any moment.) Things have been quiet in the MG household lately, due to work-related activities. I have been forced to miss some of the West Coast games (since I had to get up early, and no, we do not have TiVO). I have moved the television into the bedroom so I can watch the rest of this roadtrip and still manage to get something approximating sleep. Cliff Floyd’s twisted ankle made me watch the rest of the game through my fingers because I didn’t want to know or think that it was something serious.… [more]