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April 14, 2006: Mets vs. Brewers | metsgrrl.com

April 14, 2006: Mets vs. Brewers

My first encounter with a rain delay. I headed for Shea a little late and when I transferred to the 7 at Court Square, my phone went off with a text from TBF, informing me that first pitch was delayed. At that point, unless I wanted to go back home and get the car, or ditch the game (fat chance), I pretty much had to head to Shea and wait it out. This time I was in our seats since my loge-friends were on vacation – but at least our seats are under the overhang, by quite a comfortable margin. Unless there’s serious wind blowing rain won’t impact us all season.

I [heart] our seats. In fact, I like them more than LA & M’s loge seats, because we are straight up from third base, even if we are one more level up. There was an elderly couple in the seats next to me, keeping score, and they had binoculars. I know I have a pair somewhere, which would seem to be welcome equipment on a weekly basis.

The highlight of the rain delay was watching Mets Weekly reruns on Diamondvision, so I could see Wright and Floyd on MTV’s Total Request Live (something which, had I known about in advance, would have had *somebody* TiVO). Highest of high comedy.

Tonight I finally got to meet my compatriots for the rest of the year. The row behind us is a lot of very smart, very fanatic, very funny people, who know a fucking LOT about baseball. There was the token Yankees fan in full regalia in the front row of the section, and a random single guy in between us who felt the need to yell, “YANKEES SUCK!” about every 7 minutes – which would of course cause the MFY fan to get up and posture, various insults be yelled back and forth, and then the whole cycle would begin again in another 10 minutes: “IN CASE YOU FORGOT: YANKEES SUCK!” Again, highest of high comedy.

Yeah, we took the Marlins, 9-3.


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