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Apr 18th, 2006

April 18, 2006: Mets vs. Braves

When I started learning about baseball, TBF introduced me to the concept of “Triple Happiness”: Mets win, Braves lose, Yankees lose. The Braves. Our nemesis. Our division rivals. I understand this well. I know all about John Rocker and Mr. Jones and who we are booing and why. (The booing. That is something that never happened in my baseball experiences out West. You would be ejected from the park if you booed. I know, because I did the first game I ever went to [along with a handful of other East Coasters] and we were chastised for un-sportsman-like behavior.) So I understand, even more, the pain that ensues with a 7-1 loss.… [more]

Apr 16th, 2006

April 16, 2006: Mets v. Brewers

Easter Sunday. No point in trying to work, so I headed to Shea. Upper deck was $2 but I couldn’t sit in row V, so I sprang for a upper deck box seat. Mr. Met played Easter Bunny. Home runs from Nady and Delgado. Beautiful sunny day. I drive out to Coney Island afterwards for hot dogs and sea air. —–… [more]

Apr 14th, 2006

April 14, 2006: Mets vs. Brewers

My first encounter with a rain delay. I headed for Shea a little late and when I transferred to the 7 at Court Square, my phone went off with a text from TBF, informing me that first pitch was delayed. At that point, unless I wanted to go back home and get the car, or ditch the game (fat chance), I pretty much had to head to Shea and wait it out. This time I was in our seats since my loge-friends were on vacation – but at least our seats are under the overhang, by quite a comfortable margin. Unless there’s serious wind blowing rain won’t impact us all season.… [more]

Apr 2nd, 2006

April 2, 2006: Mets Workout Day

I was just going to roll up some time around noon, until a friend who also has the Tuesday-Friday plan mentioned he was going to get there at 10:30, and by the time we finish talking and I mention that I’d like to take some photos… we are now meeting at 10. I wake up excited. Unreasonably so. It’s not even a game. But still, to wake up and pull out my Mets jersey and drive out to Shea for the first time this year is undeniably exciting. I park under the Grand Central scurry across the parking lot towards gate A.… [more]

Apr 1st, 2006


When I started dating The Boyfriend (hereinafter TBF), for me to have objected to him being a baseball (and Mets) fanatic would have been like saying, “I don’t like the color of your eyes, can you do something about that?” I knew full well what I was getting into, and truthfully, thought it was something to be admired. It wasn’t that I didn’t like baseball, but that my father wasn’t a huge sports fan (only recently – as a result of All Of This — have I learned that he actually grew up an enormous baseball fan, cutting Hebrew School to sneak into Ebbets Field, and was one of those people who stopped following baseball once the Dodgers left Brooklyn) and I never dated anyone who had enough patience to explain any game to me.… [more]